JonOS is a 16-bit operating system made entirely in x86 assembly language, released under the GNU General Public License version 2. Its purpose is to demonstrate how to make a basic boot sector, command prompt and how to communicate with another computer or device in a simple way using the com1 port. It does not have a GUI.

JonOS boots from a diskette, and runs entirely in ram. The harddisk is not touched. Although JonOS has been tested and found to work correctly on more than 20 different computers by now, it should be noted that that's no guarantee it will work on yours.

So try JonOS at your own risk! I do not take the responsability of any damage done directly nor indirectly by using it in any way.

JonOS iso (bootable cd image, zipped)

JonOS © Wojciech Komorowski 2003 (moc.liamtoh@flowagig)

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