Amoeba Computing

This is the site of the computer program Amoeba Generator, which is the result of the Bachelor of Science degree work in Mathematics by Magnus Leksell and Wojciech Komorowski.

Amoeba Generator

An Amoeba Image This is a computer program that generates an amoeba as seen in the picture to the right. This particular amoeba is computed by the bivariate polynomial p(z,w) = 50z^3 + 83z^2w + 24zw^2 + w^3 + 392z^2 + 414zw + 50w^2 - 28z + 59w - 100.


The program is written in C++ and uses a class library for arbitrary precision computing. Basically, it takes a XML-file for input that defines what to be computed, and generates an image and optionally a LaTeX-file with the image included. Computing is done using parallel processes, which is beneficial for architectures with more than one CPU or core.


The thesis: Amoeba Program: Computing and visualizing amoebas for some complex-valued bivariate expressions. And source: amoeba.tar.gz which is free to use under the terms of the GNU General Public License.