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Everything here is Quake 1 related. Check below to see the maps I have built.

Orlmap Episode

  This is my first attempt at a Quake single player episode, taking over a year to create,
  released on July 2006. The levels are varied in themes, but overall have id software
  detail. There are many misplaced brushes, textures and items throughout the pack.
  In addition it's very challenging, perhaps to the point where it can be frustrating.

Despite these flaws, I'm still proud of this because it is my first public release.

Download Orlmap Episode (10.8mb)

        Coming soon...

   Conflagrant Rodent

Over a year in the making, this is the largest, hardest, most detailed and complex map I have ever built. It was met with very positive reviews, complimenting its attention to detail and theme, but criticized for its hard gameplay, even on easy skill. This map was a huge accomplishment for me, it really put my skills (and patience) to the test. The map far exceeds Quake's normal limits, so you will need an enhanced engine to run it. Enhanced Glquake, Fitzquake, DirectQ, and Darkplaces should all work with this map.

Click each screenshot for a larger view


Download Conflagrant Rodent (5.73mb)


    Laboratory X

  Originally supposed to be included within the Orlmap Series 2 pack. This base map
  exceeds Quake's standard limits and therefore requires a specific engine to run.
  I tried my best to get this map running in standard Quake engines, but unfortunately
  it did not turn out like that, so I am releasing it as a stand alone map. I'm not very
  pleased with it overall either. It's quite linear and ugly in some places. But it's
  something different, and also my last base map for a very long while.

   Click each screen shot for a larger view


    Download Laboratory X (2.67mb)



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